CRDC Spotlight - Summer 2022-23

Date Issued:2022-12-12


In this edition of Spotlight we outline some of CRDC's landmark research and development (R&D) investments that are addressing major challenges in the cotton industry, including spray drift and textile waste. The spray hazard warning system towers – now known as WAND towers – are now up and running in Queensland. The towers represent six years of planning, research and collaboration between the cotton and grains industries, chiefly the team at GRDC, to help reduce the instance and minimise the impact of drift. The WAND network, which is being delivered by Goanna Ag, represents the single largest investment in CRDC history. During the R&D phase, GRDC and CRDC-supported researchers developed the first and only reliable and accurate method to determine when hazardous inversions are present. This is a major development and is indicative of what we can achieve when we work together. WAND is now operational in QLD and is being rolled out in NSW: we encourage all growers and spray contractors to connect to WAND today. CRDC is also ramping up its investment in textile waste projects to ensure cotton can play its part in closing the circularity loop. With Cotton Australia, CRDC has a mandate through the PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK Sustainability Framework to create a more sustainable industry, and at the same time, this research is also potentially creating a feedstock for growers to return to their fields. The involvement of growers is vital to testing the process: Scott Morgan of Gunnedah has come on board this season, with Sam Coulton of Goondiwindi continuing on from last season. The circularity R&D has a natural fit with research into soil health and the holistic management of soil as the largest living organism on the planet.

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