CRDC Strategic RD&E Plan 2023-28

Date Issued:2023-07-01


CRDC's Strategic RD&E Plan for 2023-28 is Clever Cotton.

Clever Cotton sets out CRDC's vision for a sophisticated, prosperous and sustainable Australian cotton industry that is strongly connected to its value chain. 

Through this plan, CRDC aims to deliver $1 billion in additional value to the Australian cotton industry through RD&E. The plan will help the industry thrive by increasing productivity and profitability, sustainably addressing the impacts of climate change, and improving decision-making using data and digital technologies.

Clever Cotton sets out how CRDC is going to achieve this: the goals, investment approach, and planned impact for the next five years. Over the life of the plan, the Australian Government and Australia's cotton growers will invest $125 million into cotton RD&E via CRDC and Clever Cotton. This investment will be split across the three pillars and nine investment areas of this plan.

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