Improving Energy Efficiency on Irrigated Australian Cotton Farms Updated June 2015

Date Issued:2015-06-15


Energy is one of the fastest growing on-farm costs (electricity costs alone have increased by around 350 percent since 2000). To help growers cut costs and improve their on-farm energy efficiency, CRDC, NCEA and CottonInfo have been delivering the Improving energy efficiency on irrigated cotton farms project over the past two years, including delivering on-farm energy-audits to growers. This benchmarking report of direct energy consumption (diesel and electricity use) on our cotton farms, based on the findings of 198 whole-farm energy assessments.

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  • Energy use efficiency & carbon

    Energy is one of the fastest growing costs for cotton growers, with electricity and diesel accounting for a significant proportion of total farm input costs. Energy (electricity, diesel and fertiliser) is also the major contributor to a cotton farm's GHG emissions.