Improving Energy Efficiency on Irrigated Australian Cotton Farms Updated June 2015

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Foley, J.P., Sandell, G.R., Szabo, P.M., Baillie, C.P
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Foley J.P., Sandell G.R., Szabo P.M., Scobie M., and Baillie C.P., (2015). “Improving energy efficiency on irrigated Australian cotton farms: Benchmarking report.” Cotton Research and Development Corporation report. National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture, Publication 1005371/1, USQ, Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.


Energy is one of the fastest growing on-farm costs (electricity costs alone have increased by around 350 percent since 2000).

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  • Energy use efficiency & carbon

    Energy is one of the fastest growing costs for cotton growers, with electricity and diesel accounting for a significant proportion of total farm input costs. Energy (electricity, diesel and fertiliser) is also the major contributor to a cotton farm's GHG emissions.