NRM R&D manager and technical lead

Date Issued:2023-06-30


This project provided an NRM Technical Lead 1.5 days a week and a Biodiversity R&D Manager 1.5days a week. The NRM Technical Lead role assisted the industry continuously improve its BMP recommendations for NRM on cotton farms. This was achieved through the development and implementation of annual CottonInfo Operating Plans, annual reviews and updates to myBMP and industry BMP guides and the development and implementation of tools, products & activities and collaborations.   

This project, despite challenges with drought, COVID and flooding, led the successful implementation of all research and extension activities under the 3.5yr collaborative grant project ‘Cotton Landcare Tech Innovations’. In 2022 the success of the project was acknowledged with project team becoming a finalist in the 2022 Australian Cotton Industry Researcher of the Year Award. 

The project delivered a number of products and tools which have assisted the industry meet its environmental sustainability targets such as the CottonInfo Biodiversity management in cotton landscapes webtool , Native Revegetation guide and the QUT social science research which identify strategies that would help growers strengthen biodiversity management actions on farm.   

In addition a collaborative partnerships was formed with NRM Regions Australia and the 7 regional NRM bodies in cotton growing areas which led to the establishment of the Draft Native vegetation Sustainability Targets and priorities and a methodology for reporting change overtime.  

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