Silverleaf Whitefly knockdown pesticide screen in cotton - Emerald

Date Issued:2002-06-30


A brief outline of the Trial Method is detailed with results presented graphically in Final Report

- Treatments applied using a hand held 2 metre wide flat boom fitted with 3 TX2 hollow cone

nozzles per row and operating at 300 kPA

- A total spray volume of 83 litres per hectare was used.

- Leaves assessed were mostly around the 5th main stem leaf. At later counts, in the 2 treatments containing DROPP leaves collected were 7-8 MsL.

- At the first assessment leaves were counted for sub-adults on a random halfofeach leaf. At

all subsequent assessments 2 x I dollar microscope fields (10X) were used. 10 randomly selected leaves per plot were used for leaf turn adult counts and for sub-adult microscope counts.

- Data has been analysed by 2 way ANOVAR. Means have been separated with the LSD

technique and means in columns accompanied by the same letter are not significantlv different at 95% level of P.

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