Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Annual Report 2009-2010

Date Issued:2010-09-15


During the year the CRC remodelled the information delivery system to maximise the effectiveness of the conduit between research findings and practice change. The outcome has been a commercially oriented delivery system, ensuring the knowledge created within the industry is packaged into user friendly, outcome focused products. Public benefit issues have been high on the list of achievements through 2009–10, especially in the catchment and communities programs. In particular, the communities work has gained significant momentum including the release of important socio-economic work: the series of Stubbs reports leading to an overall assessment of the importance of water for a large number of regional communities.The reports added considerable information on how water provides significant jobs at the farm level and, most importantly, through the service and value adding industries in the Murray Darling Basin. The significant increase in the Community Program has been very pleasing and has vindicated the decisions to commission and seek external collaborations to assist in meeting our agreed milestones. The Cotton CRC team has now built up considerable skills and momentum in this program, which will be of prime importance to regional communities.

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