Implications and Opportunities for Australia Cotton

Date Issued:2004-08-12


Abstract of Speech to be presented by Richard Haire, CEO Queensland Cotton. In considering my paper 'Implications and Opportunities for Australia Cotton', I have deliberately chosen not to dwell on the aspect of fibre quality in any detail. I have no doubt that having regard to calibre of speakers who will participate at this conference in subsequent sessions this issue will be covered in greater depth and eloquence than I could cover. What I do propose to discuss are several key issues which in my mind have the potential to shape the international trade landscape going forward. As a country that will continue to be heavily dependent upon export markets, I believe these issues have the potential to influence not just trade patterns but also the very competitiveness of our industry over the next decade. My primary purpose will be to stimulate your thinking about some of the issues and opportunities for trade in Australian cotton going forward. But more specifically, I would hope that this information will help you better assess some of the potential risks associated with competing in the international cotton market into the future.

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