Riparian Land Management Technical Guidelines Vol 2: On-ground management tools and techniques

Date Issued:1999-11-01


In early 1997, the Corporation and its partners released a series of issues papers on riparian management. These were designed for a non-technical audience, to promote awareness of riparian functions. They discussed a range of riparian management issues and techniques for stabilising banks, trapping sediment, improving the ecological condition of streams, and managing stock access. There was a huge response to the issues papers-further evidence of the widespread demand for better information on riparian management. These guidelines are a follow-up to the issues papers. They provide additional information of a technical nature and have been designed to provide professional land managers, advisers, State and Territory agency staff and local government staff, with the information they need to assist non-technical people operating at the farm or catchment level to design and implement best-practice riparian management. The guidelines augment and complement other sources of information on riparian management. They provide sufficient technical information so that readers can understand important principles underlying riparian issues and adapt them, as required, to their particular objectives, climate, farming enterprise or other circumstance. Volume 2 contains the management strategies themselves. Each guideline can be used on its own by practitioners interested in particular objectives, but readers are encouraged to look at all the guidelines to see if additional objectives can be achieved.

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