Soil Management Training for Advisers to Cotton Growers

Date Issued:2012-06-22


The cotton industry is one of the most technologically advanced agricultural industries in Australia. However, advisers to cotton growers often lack confidence in advising their clients on decisions relating to soil management. It was thought that training these advisers would increase their knowledge and skills in soil management, thereby helping to improve and sustain cotton production by reducing soil degradation and lessening the number of expensive ineffective machinery operations in growing cotton. Thus the project was aimed at improving the level of soil management advice given to New South Wales cotton growers by Departmental advisers and private consultants. The project consisted of a series of three soil management workshops, based on the use of backhoe pits and SOILpak, the soil management decision support system for cotton production on cracking clay soils. The workshops were held at yearly intervals in the main cotton growing areas of New South Wales, and involved a total of approximately 50 participants, as follows:

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